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VR Films and Studios

575k subscribers

Movie Distributor

From 0 to 500k subs in six months, thanks to a customized content strategy and SEO initiatives to generate 1.5B impressions from various sources.

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9.51M subscribers


In 6 months, we converted an idle subscriber base into an active revenue driving community generating 8x watch time and 6x revenue growth. Resolved multiple copyright conflicts.

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Rakib Hossain

3.22M subscribers


In 18 months, a shy but talented stunt biker/vlogger became a local internet sensation, achieving 92x watch time growth and significant advertiser interest for branded content.

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Ekattor TV

5.11M subscribers

TV Channel

Organisational transition from linear focus to a "digital first" approach, producing modular TV formats that translate well to the online space. Online now exceeds broadcast reach, with significant revenue growth.

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